Asset Hub

🪄 All wizard’s come in different file extensions. These are .SVG, .HTML and .PNG. Here you can find & download your wizards asset.

Pixel Wizard Spritesheet:

A sprite sheet for your wizard that has an idle and walking animation in 4 directions.

Animated SVG file:

Main .SVG image with animations and interactions. Not suitable for printing.

Animated HTML file:

Main .HTML image with animations, interactions and app.

Static PNG 256 file:

Static image in 256×256 resolution. Displays wizard and token.

Static PNG 512 file:

Static image in 512×512 resolution. Displays wizard and token.

Static Transparent SVG:

Transparent version displaying your wizard only. Suitable for printing.

Static Transparent PNG:

Transparent version of just your wizard without it’s token.